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Skunk Anansie



Release Date: 13/09/2010

Discs: 1

British rock group Skunk Anansie's fourth studio album will be their first in 11 years, since 1999's 'Post Orgasmic Chill', and their first since their 2001 break-up and subsequent reformation in 2009. 'Wonderlustre' is a sonically varied record, with slow pop ballads breaking up the band's more traditional heavy sound. 'Wonderlustre' is preceded by the single 'My Ugly Boy'.

Disc 1
1. God Loves Only You
2. My Ugly Boy
3. Over The Love
4. Talk Too Much
5. Sweetest Thing, The
6. It Doesn't Matter
7. You're Too Expensive For Me
8. My Love Will Fall
9. You Saved Me
10. Feeling The Itch
11. You Can't Always Do What You Like
12. I Will Stay But You Should Leave