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Gary Numan

Dead Moon Falling

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Release Date: 14/12/2012

Discs: 1

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This album features remixes of eight tracks taken from the 2011 album, 'Dead Son Rising'. There are also three bonus tracks exclusive to this limited edition CD: A new track called 'For You' written and with Andy 

Gray, plus the Grayed Out Mix of 'Dead Sun Rising' and Numan's recent collaboration with Officers, 'Petals'. 

1 Big Noise Transmission (Tim Burgess Remix)
2 Dead Sun Rising (Sonoio Remix)
3 We Are The Lost (Gazelle Twin Remix)
4 When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come (TweakerRay Remix)
5 Not The Love We Dream Of (Toby Butler/The Duke Spirit Remix)
6 The Fall (Officers Remix)
7 For The Rest Of My Life (Alec Empire Remix)
8 For The Rest Of My Life (Reprise) (Is Tropical Remix)
9 Dead Sun Rising (Grayed Out Mix)
10 For You (Featuring Andy Gray)
11 Petals (Featuring Officers)